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It is with great sadness and great excitement that we would like to announce our retirement from baking and thank everyone that supported us over the many years. Angelique has been blessed with a new opportunity as Crèche Principal as of September. We would like to extend an opportunity for a great baker to continue the legacy of Must Have Cakes, so we are selling the business for R20 000. This includes the Name, Clientèle, Corporate Identity, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Website, Email account and exposure. So if you are interested please contact Willem 084 616 2404. (Please No Chancers) Once again thank you for making us a success! PLEASE SHARE


 " We believe each cake is a piece of art "

Must Have Cakes is a Home Bakers company based in Kempton Park in the east rand of 
Gauteng that offers a wide range of creative cake creations. We have been rated as one of most creative and trend setting Home Bakers in South Africa. 
We can bake any cake you can dream of at the best price !!!

We Specialize in Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, Novelty Cakes & Wedding Cakes. 
We do Butter Cream Icing, Sugar Paste/Fondant/Marzipan, Edible Printed and 3D Cakes.

We also make hand made cake toppers!

Must Have Cakes is Angelique & Willem Van Heerden. 
Angelique comes from a long line of bakers & Willem is a Graphic Designer, 
the combined talents ensure you get the most creative & unique cake!!!

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Must Have Cakes Proudly Supports

These Birds Need Your Help !

The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO: 016-183) recognized as the Birdlife Species Guardian for the Southern Ground-Hornbill and is working to halt the decline of this species in South Africa.  This involves harvesting redundant second-hatched chicks from the wild (that would otherwise die of starvation); 
re-introduction back into their historical range where they have become locally extinct, augmentation of non-viable groups, research and coordination of awareness programs to inform the public of their plight and more.

A common misconception is that Ground-Hornbill’s are plentiful  as a result of their high abundance in the Kruger National Park (but this is just half of the population); in reality their numbers are in steep decline outside of these formally protected areas. As a result they are now officially classified as Endangered in South Africa (IUCNs red list). Main threats are predominantly loss of suitable habitat and large nesting trees, secondary poisoning, electrocution  and persecution as “problem” birds for their expensive habit of breaking windows.  If you would like to learn more about this project or how you can help please visit our website: